Students see a great future for bins

Brabantia has teamed up with the University of the West of England in Bristol to run a design project to find the kitchen bin of the future.

Students see a great future for bins

The project will be undertaken by final-year students on the university’s product design programmes, and starts this month with a briefing by Brabantia managers. Students will look at different aspects of waste management such as how the kitchen bin has evolved, new technologies in waste storage and environmental aspects relating to recycling household rubbish.

UWE programme director, Tod Burton said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our design students. The project will require them to research into all aspects of kitchen waste collection so their designs offer practical and interesting solutions for the future, while also blending these with developing trends in interior design. At UWE we pride ourselves on working closely with employers, and this is an ideal opportunity for our students to practise real world skills and to work with such a significant company.”

The students will have their work reviewed throughout the course and be given guidance by Brabantia’s product and design managers. They will then present their final designs to the company, and the winning team will be invited to visit Brabantia’s factory and new product development centre in The Netherlands.

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