A slimmer fryer for slimmer people

Home-tek is adding a down-sized, low-fat fryer to its Ainsley Harriott Professional range of appliances to capitalise on a revival in the fryer market.

A slimmer fryer for slimmer people

The company says frying is enjoying an upturn thanks to new technology which has helped reduce the size of fryers and make them less obtrusive on the kitchen worktop.

Home-tek’s new product is compact yet will cook enough for four, and when cooking 500g of chips only 3g of oil is absorbed by the potatoes. A novel feature is a cool area below the element where any cooking debris collects; thus there is no mixing of flavours in the oil from different fried items.

The control panel at the back of the fryer includes a variable precision temperature control with settings up to 190 deg and neon indicators to show when power is on and indicate the oil temperature.

The fryer, with stainless steel housing, comes apart for easy dishwasher cleaning, whilst the removable lid has a washable permanent filter and viewing window.

Retail price £39.99

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