Waitrose shoppers prepare for Christmas entertaining

Total sales (excluding petrol) were up year-on-year by 0.8% for Waitrose in the week to December 7.

The grocery multiple said the figures was distorted by the earlier finish this year of its high profile ‘Four Festive Shops’ promotion, which this time last year was still driving additional sales in our shops.

Waitrose retail director Rob Collins said: “People have clearly been sprucing up their homes ready to impress guests, with particular attention being paid to the finer details.”

Sales of window cleaning products were up 10%, carpet and rug cleaner sales up 15% and scented candles up 23% with mulled wine the festive favourite. Sales of Christmas plants bloomed too, with poinsettias and wreaths both up 50% and berried stems up 46%.

He added that the Heston from Waitrose Box of Chocolates is in hot demand as shoppers search for one of five tickets hidden inside that grant them a day with Heston himself. It has become the top selling box of chocolates in branches.

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