Wedding lists lose out as couples ask for cash

Engaged couples are now more likely to ask for hard cash from friends and family than they are to ask for gifts from a wedding list, according to new research from First Direct.

Wedding lists lose out as couples ask for cash

In a survey of 1,924 people the online bank found that 35% of prospective newlyweds would ask for money or vouchers as a wedding gift, while only 22% would ask for presents from a gift list or registry service.

Nineteen per cent of people would ask for a gift of their guests’ own choosing, and another 19% said they would ask for nothing for their wedding.

And while royal happy couple Will and Kate have asked for donations to charity in preference to gifts, only 3% of those surveyed would follow suit.

However, while most couples would like to receive cash, their guests are less keen on giving it. Thirty-nine per cent of people said they felt money was an impersonal gift, while 34% would prefer the couple not to know how much they have spent on their gift. Twenty-two per cent dislike being told what to give as a gift, feeling it is rude.

Reflecting the difficulties young couples face in getting on the housing ladder, though, 18% think that giving money towards a mortgage is a good idea as a wedding gift.

The research also found that London has the highest proportion of people using a gift service (27%) while the north east has the highest percentage who think that asking for money to pay off the mortgage is a good idea (24%).

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