Young dunce cooks have egg on their face

Almost half of the country’s young adults do not know how to boil an egg, according to a new survey.

Young dunce cooks have egg on their face

In the poll of almost 2,000 adults by market researcher YouGov, only 51% of those aged 18 to 24 knew that it took three minutes to soft boil an egg. One in 20 thought it took 10 minutes, while 15% had no idea. In total, 65% of the people taking part got the answer right.

The survey was conducted to coincide with Farmhouse Breakfast Week, which ran January 20 to 26.

Celebrity chef Brian Turner said he found the results of the poll worrying. “This survey shows just how far people have lost touch with Britain’s food heritage, and that many aren’t capable of boiling an egg or grilling bacon or cooking sausages correctly.”

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