Beans jump to top of grow-your-own list

The top vegetables being grown in gardens and allotments in the UK this year have been revealed by, a new garden planning website for people growing their own fruit and vegetables.

Beans jump to top of grow-your-own list

Based on plans produced by over 1,600 gardeners some interesting trends have emerged. Beans beat the usual contenders of peas and potatoes to the top spot, with peas next in line, followed closely by carrots at 68%. Traditional favourite potatoes come in at only fourth place.

A surprising 50% of gardeners plan to include beetroot, rapidly growing in popularity due to its proven health benefits and status as a superfood.

The top 10 vegetables, shown with their percentage inclusion in garden plans, are:

· Beans 85%

· Peas 70%

· Carrot 68%

· Potatoes 67%

· Onion 64%

· Beetroot 50%

· Leek 49%

· Parsnip 47%

· Courgette 46%

· Garlic 46%

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