Lakeland: marshmallows are ‘the next big thing’

Marshmallows are set to be the next big thing in no-bake baking, according to Lakeland.

Lakeland: marshmallows are 'the next big thing'

“Marshmallow has come of age,” claims the 67-strong housewares chain. “No longer just a treat for the playground or a winter hot chocolate, today’s gourmet marshmallows are a very grown-up affair. A deliciously fluffy alternative to run-of-the-mill sweets, making your own is easy.”

The retailer says that its Easter 2014 Kitchen catalogue includes “all the essential bits of kit to make it easy to create your own”, adding “there’s no limit to the flavours you can go for – and when you add hidden fillings and crunchy coatings they become very special indeed.”

Four new products are listed: a silicone ‘filled marshmallow mould’ (£16.99) that makes 18 , which is described as having bigger holes than most normal confectionery moulds and allows you to begin with a layer of marshmallow, add a filling and top off with another layer of marshmallow; a 10cm ‘perforated cutting wheel’ (£14.99) made of Tritan; and a ‘no-bake collapsible pan’ (£14.99). Measuring 20cm sq. x 6cm, it is billed as “a unique plastic pan whose sides simply fold down to release all the yumminess without the mess”. It also features cutting guides to help divide up your confection evenly. Finally, there is a set of three 20cm high ‘crush and coat’ dessert bowls (£24.99). “Add a professional touch to your home-made marshmallow,” Lakeland said. “Crush sweets, nuts or biscuits in one of the stackable bowls using the steel pestle, pop in a bite-size treat, close the lid and shake.”

Also highlighted is a Lakeland exclusive: a silicone chocolate teacake mould (£8.99) that makes six teacakes.

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